Saturday, October 14, 2017

The Free state disgraces us again in LA

I run a music company that performs, composes , records, teaches, and makes radio programmes. We have won many awards and sold in the tens of thousands. All of the royalties were stolen, as the free state decided sometime in the 1990's not to have any more independent music. So along with all the other artists of that period, our work was bootlegged and sold off at an enterprise Ireland trade stand at Midem trade fair for sale at Walmart. Our CD's were stolen by U2 through their dissolved distribution outlet; again no action from the Free state

Yet that is not the main point here. The takeover of science in Ireland by the CIA through its InQTel front in the person of Anita Jones has resulted in the Irish taxpayer funding US spooks, unaccountable even  to the  US electorate, to the tune of about $1 billion a year. The main point is that the Free state does not allow Irish people express themselves in any advanced cultural activity and is almost certainly actively involved in cultural genocide..

After a lot of work, we have managed to find a home for jazz in Gaelic in a downtown SF club. The owner, who is gay, loves our theater background, and commented that he wants something classy, a contrast to the burlesque infecting SF. The Free state's response to this need? An ugly transvestite and kitsch;

Something needs to be done, as there is no doubt that talented artists are among those being evicted from their homes in Ireland. As for those of us abroad, the Free state is just more garbage to deal with.

Thursday, September 28, 2017

ICIS 5 schedule

9:00 am           Toward a 21st Century Sacred
                        Introduction by ICIS founder/conference chair Seán Ó Nualláin FOM/UOI

9:05 am           Introduction by session chair Brian Swimme, CIIS

9:15 am           What might a new world religion look like? – Celtic pantheism;
                        translation of “Orthai Cosanta” by Seán Ó  Duinn

                        Seán Ó Nualláin    Foundations of Mind / University of Ireland

10:00 am         The Celtic Becoming: A Sixth Century Movement in Mind
                        Jack Du Vall, Center for Non-Violent Conflict

10:45 am         Break

11:00 am          Shared Experience of the Sacred in the 21st Century
                        Leanne Whitney

11:45 am          CTMU and Religion
                        Chris Langan

12:30 pm         Panel Discussion

2:00 pm           Mental Illness in Ireland
                        Co-Chairs Melanie O'Reilly / Donagh McKeown

2:00 pm           Dr. Des O'Neill
2:30 pm           Melanie O'Reilly

3:00 pm           Donagh McKeown

3:30 pm           Reterritorializing Ireland and Mental Health
                        Seán Ó Nualláin, Foundations of Mind / University of Ireland

4:00 pm           Panel Discussion

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Twenty years of the Irish deep state 1997-2017

It is fact that since 1997 the “republic of Ireland” has inflicted the following processes on its “citizens”;

-          an attempted e-voting proposal whose software developer did not actually know how Ireland’s voting system worked. This began in 2002 with a “trial run” at a general election  and ended only in 2009;
-          Two globalizing EU proposals (Nice and Lisbon) were defeated by the citizenry at referenda and promptly represented ie vote until you give us the result we want;
-          An attempt was made, defeated only by mass and occasionally violent protest,  to make water charges compulsory be redefining a citizen as a customer of a private company;
-          Compulsory purchase was used for a private company in Mayo  and Gardai functioned hand in glove with private security;
-          deterritorialization with a pax Americana rescinding  all our land claims on every part of the island;
-          removal of the universities from the rule of law on the basis of a fanciful reading of the 1997 universities act, leading – as one might expect -  to abuse of scholars and theft;
-          allowing music companies operate openly post dissolution, coinciding with the death of the independents;
-          turning the banks into private cash cows for a new elite, who burned through the state’s wealth once their debt was shifted to the sovereign;
-          a quickening of corporatism, leading for example to new hires in the health services for administrators at a time when a freeze on hiring doctors and nurses – trained at great expense – meant there were less of them to administer, as they emigrated;
-          failed attempts at generating IP by dint of centralizing software in the Taoiseach’s office, and indeed music and film in the Taoiseach’s family
-          allowing “vulture funds” insist that the householders they evicted would still have to pay their full mortgage, while NAMA allowed the new elite regain possession of their empires for 40c on the euro on average;
-          deliberate state intervention in the housing market making homes unaffordable again after the 2007-2012 crash had allowed market forces reduce them;
-          In one of the few banking crisis cases that went to court, the defendents were found guilty but not sentenced by the judge because he ruled that the state had ordered them to commit crimes. The agent of the state , Neary, was never charged
-          A private company was corruptly given a monopoly on music rights, and proceeded to privatize all of Irish music, while its chair amassed a horde of pirated copyrights;
-           There was attested abuse of Irish students at the universities, not responded to by the highest authorities when put to them in the Dail, coupled with their replacement for the elite academic jobs by foreigner.
-          When a whistleblowing Garda member revealed (inter alia) abuse of the driving penalty points system, he was not protected; in fact, he had allegations of penetrative sexual assault copied and pasted from another’s file onto his and nobody has been charged for this clear fraud;
-          In an effort to get rid of academic tenure, DCU asserted a bogus contract with fraudulent signatures by dint of an alleged “comprehensive agreement” with the closed-shop union which the union never even discussed. 8 court case later even after  recission of an illegal disciplinary procedure, the illegal contracts are still being asserted and the employees dubiously employed – not to mention the perpetrators – still paid from the public purse

Finally, during unprecedented austerity, the government refused a tax windfall of E15 billion imposed on Apple for its activities in Ireland, but chose instead to appeal the verdict.  when the Minister for finance resigned a year later, the money remained uncollected

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

ICIS 5 - "A western way" - CIIS, SF Oct 5 2017

Oct 5 am  A western way?
In conjunction with foundations of mind.
Room 304  CIIS • 1453 Mission St, San Francisco, CA 94103
10 am
Celtic Metaphysics; Omos Sheain Ui Dhuinn
The Benedictine monk Sean O Duinn, currently aged and infirm, argued that Celtic spirituality was panentheistic. In particular, he cited Jubainville’s work about a link from Amergin to Eriugena; indeed, from the Upanishads to the Celtic church’s reconstruction of Patrick in the Lorica.
. Arguably, the mediaeval synthesis of Roman law and Hebraic experience of the sacred that birthed Europe in the face of Islam is in rapid terminal decline  . The language of the social sciences has become sufficiently debauched that normative statements, first ruled out by political correctness, are now viewed as epistemologically suspect.
This session invites papers looking for solutions or arguing that no such solutions will be found. It argues that East Asian systems fail to make metaphysical subject-object distinctions of sufficient granularity to support dualistic Western science. Conversely, for all its bravado, western science has never engaged with the Ground of Being. The results include relativism in morality and aesthetics which culminate in “Crime and Punishment” means vs end paradoxes in arguments about stopping terrorism and a debauching of art that culminates in drunken party goers staring at a DJ as the apotheosis of their very expensive aesthetic experience.

Specifically, we invite papers on this  and other  themes;
- Drawing on Plato out of Dionysius the Areopagite, Celtic mediaeval philosophers like Eriugena produced an ecological, rationally-founded emanationist synthesis. Can this be the  foundation of a  western way?

2 Pm Culture and mental health in Celtic countries
The notorious  “Saints. Scholars and schizophrenics” incident has elided a more serious discussion about mental health in Ireland. The number of suicides in the Republic since the crash of 2008 now exceeds the 3k+ total killed in the troubles from 1969 to 1997. The attempted medicalization of mental health in the 1945 legislation, one that is trumpeted as anticipating Laing and Szasz, had the paradoxical result of ensuring that Ireland had the highest number of psychiatric resident patients per head in the world from 1955.
Mental health has been treated in Gaelic epics like “Buile suibhne” (translated by Heaney in his only foray into Gaelic) and the legendary St Dympna. This thread discusses what actually can be done. Suggested themes are up to you, but might include;
-          Laing’s phenomenological approach and its failure
-          The legendary refractoriness of the Irish to psychotherapy
-          Behavioral approaches

4pm A perfect storm – the axial month of May 2017 and its aftermath

In May 2017  there are  unelected Prime ministers in Britain and Ireland; no MP’s in the UK as all are now candidates; a Scotland that loves the EU more than Britain; and a Northern Ireland ruled directly from Westminster after the de facto collapse of the 1998 agreement.  Moreover, the EU has  - for the first time – exercised geopolitical  jurisdiction on the island of Ireland and warned Britain against attempting to re-introduce the border.

This session  raises the issue of whether the Humpty that is the UK can be put back together again. In his recent address to Anglo-American studies at UC Berkeley , Chris Patten remarked that Northern Ireland pays very dearly in bad government for peace. There are profound disincentives for Sinn Fein to bother; they are the de facto opposition in the Republic of Ireland, and nobody is going to risk Canary Wharf style bombings again,

The collapse of the Northern Ireland executive had a salutary tang of corrupt politics-as-usual; an energy scheme had been imported from the “mainland” without caveats as to limits on payment of state money to consumers. The responsible minister, Arlene Foster, refused to resign from her new job as first minister. However, the geopolitics have
become very tricky, with some customs posts between the two Irelands a distinct possibility until the EU intervened and effectively proclaimed a united Ireland . In the meantime, Trump has  appointed a secretary of state whose Senate hearing alluded to a war between Northern  and Southern Ireland now, fortunately, in the past. It resembled KA Conway’s Massacre at Bowling Green which also never happened. In short, the Americans will not be of much help

This session thus considers  the new geopolitics of western Europe. As the UK falls apart, the resurgence of a Celtic confederation in the islands formerly known as British is a distinct possibility. Themes are by no means limited to the following
-          Given that the countries worst hit by the EU’s Teutonic dispensation post 2008 are the former Celtic cultural empire, can there be a resurgence in what used be Gaul and Lusitania?
-          The failure of the Irish free state. Arguably, a new “elite” layer of bureaucrats was added under Ahern (amid his massive public service expansion) that first clamped down on the very creative class that had established Ireland’s modern brand
-          Corporatism and criminality

Submit abstracts to by August 1 2017. Invitation to attend and present will follow by August8

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

American Id: a devout reflection on Trump

Even at this early stage – less than one week after his election – Trump seems to have been domesticated. He will deport fewer illegals than Obama (it will be hard to find more than  2.5 million with criminal records). The wall is to be a fence. Obamacare will last. The chair of the Republican party is his chief of staff. All in all, not exactly Mr Smith going to DC.

On the campaign, it was SO different. Orange/blonde/whatever hair (extensions), spray tan, groping women’s pussies (America indeed had a choice; which serial rapist they wanted in the white House) , sending Hillary to jail without due process, and the last chance for the USA before the 11 million became legal and voted. In short; American Id.

The best writing on him (WSJ) pointed out that in his property developer world, it does not matter what you say. Indeed the final contract explicitly says all previous verbiage is to be discarded. So what will happen?

Trump is constrained by two factors; those who voted for him and his own character. The former, particularly evangelicals.  will insist on recission on Roe vs Wade. They may go a lot further than he wants in gay “marriage” etc. That latter breaks down into defects in temperament (he has anger issues) and, more importantly, knowledge. At his best, he will insist that “white trash” gets back to work like coal-mining; yet American dominance is currently based on violation  of civil society norms in companies like AirBNB, or the cosmic levels of copyright violation  in Facebook, Youtube etc, not rust belt industry.

It is the mark of a tragic character to be brought down by his virtues. Trump will prove that extends also to scum of the earth. as for us in Ireland, and given his adoration for eminent domain./ compulsory purchase, surely we should take his Doonbeg/Doughmore golf course from him?

good friday 2017 It has lived down to expectations.The astonishing addition is that trump will clearly go to war rather than have his contacts with Russia during the campaign focussed on by the media.

We are entering an era of dictators with nukes - Kim, Xie, Putin and now Trump. The US was so busy selling its democratic values to the rest of the world as an exemplar that it lost its own democracy.apart from e-voting, manipulation of the voting rolls etc,  Obama made no attempt to curtail the powers of the executive prsidency, including the one that allows Trump launch a nuclear attack within 4 minutes. As has been pointed out, about the time for writing one of his ill-considered tweets.

It is ironic that the powers that Erdogan is looking for in Turkey - appointing a cabinet etc - are vested in the presidency in the USA. No attempt has been made to implement the provision in the US constitution that limits war-declaration to  congress; as a result of something trump saw on CNN, the US is now at war with Syria. The good news, such as it is, is that Trump will likely go to war with N Korea as his main focus, as Syria will be a red rag to the russians. 

He will introduce conscription a la Vietnam after Kim invades the south. The result will put the US and SE Asia in paroxysms for the remainder of our lives. 

Monday, September 5, 2016

One Bad Apple? - why Ireland does not protect the IP of its creative class

One Bad Apple? - why Ireland does not protect the IP of its creative class

In late summer 2016, the world learned a little about the criminality that passes for state administration in Ireland. First of all, after its disastrous 1996 Olympics, the British focused on excellence in sport; a and finished a creditable 2nd in 2016. By contrast, the Irish establishment focused on refinement of a ticket scam after Ireland's successful 1996 Olympics and finished 62nd in 2016. Indeed, the Irish delegation “won” more arrest warrants than medals.

Given that Pat Hickey had been targeted in 2012 by no less a figure than Romario, hero of one of Brazil's soccer world cup wins and now a politician, it may be puzzling that Hickey did not emulate his anointed successor Delaney and flee to Ireland. The reason is almost certainly that Hickey felt he had protection at the highest level; apart from being swooned over in Dail committee, there is FOI correspondence between the current Taoiseach and his constituency running-mate inquiring about the availability of Olympic tickets for a teenager!

And so it goes; debauching of all that is good and fine about the Irish people so that a self-appointed elite can run with their correlates in other countries. Hickey's arrest and humiliation was no surprise; indeed, a few days before he was viewed naked on Brazilian TV , he had essentially told the Irish minister for sport where to go. Our Olympic presence was his business and nobody else's; the fact we look pathetic in the world's eyes is a slightly regrettable byproduct.

The Apple scam exemplifies this. Why run a country at all? Why not just use sovereignty to create a tissue of “legal” lies and - as Stiglitz puts it – say here's $1 billion if you create a few jobs? Indeed, Google heard the message loud and clear just over a decade ago and announced they would prefer not to hire any Irish people, given the higher comp sci standard in the Baltic states. No, silly, you can't find this on the web!

Try also to “Google” (and “Bing”) “Cahill – v – DCU, (2009), IESC 80 (2009)”. Remarkably, no results for the critical decision in Anglo-Saxon jurisprudence about academic tenure until 2014 when I put this anomaly on my blog. Remove a few characters and yes; this was a good if inflexible hack As for Prondzynski, he disappeared completely from Ireland, and is trying to privatize a Scottish
university with a “softly, softly” approach; we kicked him out. Now we come to the point; Ireland is infested with the kind of spooks who have a swat team visit if you accidentally leave the new iphone in a bar. Indeed, until Tim Pat Coogan (not the state)intervened, the US was openly stealing Irish passports at its Dublin embassy

The sheer brazen criminality of the Irish establishment is extraordinary. In 2016, a cop whistle blower found he had “confessed” to being motivated by bitterness at a disposition. He revealed he had secretly taped it, and the two deposers were lying. No action was taken. If you go to the cops about anything the deep state wishes to continue, forget it; moreover, writing to politicians with the details will occasion nothing other than a polite reply. It will be used against you, and during the next horse-trading to form a coalition.

Nor did any of the unspeakable from the neocon era ever get resolved in Ireland. The universities are still said to have "autonomous statutory responsibilities" ie no responsibilities at all to the state. Tenure is still, rant as Supreme court justice Clarke may in his 2007 judgment, whatever academic tenure is on the contract (ie none). These contracts, in turn, are wholly illegal, in 1997 including the signature of a personnel officer who had left 7 years before. Music copyrights are still in limbo. Nobody can live as a full human being in this dystopia passing s a state.

However, even that is not the point. In MacSwiney and others' writings, Ireland is for the self-realization of the Irish people, to help them better contribute to humanity. What the establishment wants instead is for the dressings and rituals of a sovereign nation be used to continue their criminal pre-eminence over the rest of us. What matter if the boxing authorities become so pissed off that our brave fighters are cheated of wins? What matter if Google says we Irish are stupid? Obviously the smart guys are getting their photos taken with the Skibereen lads......

It gets worse. We have not produced a new globally successful popular music group since the Cranberries in 1992. The reason is that there is no IP or company protection in Ireland for independent Irish creatives; in fact, the state sponsored a trade stand in 1998 in which effectively ALL the 1990's independents had all their material sold off (for less than a song!) and illegally licensed through Walmart. The ancillary rights like mechanical and broadcast were held by dissolved companies, an arrangement that Paul Appleby, our then corporation czar, blessed. Again, that is not how it looked to other jurisdictions, and a case was taken in US federal court that stopped it. Why have a state if the legal system cannot handle issues like this?

So what did the establishment want? Now it gets really sinister – or would if it were less pathetic. Gearoid O Colmain claims that the German establishment wants the population replaced; thus the influx from 2015. That had been tried in Ireland; disincentives on young Irish staying during the recession produced emigration levels not seen since the famine. The problem; the eastern EU people they were replaced by in general integrated well, and went back home regularly. Ireland did a better job with a much higher percentage of immigrants than Britain. But what of culture?

The Irish establishment decided that they themselves-talentless politicians and functionaries and their families – would produce and control it. This was exemplified by the seizure with artistic genius of Bertie Ahern's two daughters in 199; one, however, made the mistake of singing in public as Bertie did what Mrs Worthington was advised not to do. The other, more wisely, became a writer for Murdoch; several “books”. A TV series and a film costing the Irish taxpayer perhaps $50 million + later, she got writer's block after the demission of her Dad.

The precedent had been set. In 2016, the Irish consul in SF hired a hitherto unknown “composer” and “maestro” called Kluge (I could not make this up) to produce a - well, a Kluge to celebrate 1916, a revolution about self-government. Moreover, he not only chose to hold it in a church other than St Mary's, beloved of the Irish; he decided that he and his buddies would have speaking parts. He then proceeded to initiate legal action through UB Berkeley against an event there with actual descendants of 1916 fighters.

It goes on. Irish music abroad is ill-represented by Sharon “the robot” Shannon, who gets all the gigs and is apparently is a front for property development done by her manager Dunford – or so the high court in Ireland effectively ruled in 2015. 500K was produced to fund an opera; it is unlikely to play La Scala soon. This 500k could fund the activities of 50 bands for a year. The minister for the arts and the Gaeltacht does not know Irish – or the arts.

Elsewhere, you will find research I did proving that Ireland was better-placed in science rankings BEFORE the $ billions were put into SFI. We were happy doing what we did for Ireland, and enjoying the company of our fellow-Irish rather than pecuniary award. The solution? - in 2014 take out a full page ad in Nature and science announcing Ireland was in the top 4 in many areas (it was between 30 and 50 in all). This is the Hickey scenario; believe your own propaganda.

Now to Apple. A system of linguistically better functionality than the 2011 debut of SIRI was produced in TCD as far back as 1987. Its creator, as a condition of employment, was forced to bring his PhD work, including this, to DCU. There it disappeared in 1997 along with the IBM AT (yes, that was our gear!)it was on; DCU's task surely involves retaining work like this?. TCD kept a copy of the original system, on a now unusable 5” floppy. That is why the Collison brothers are in SF, not Dublin, with their $5 billion company; Enterprise Ireland did not respond positively to their Irish native genius. That is why DCU continued to fire good academics, and lock them out from their lab,

There are solutions I will publish a discussion document about IP in my new book on ireland. However, even that does not come close to the sovereignty issue. In 1998, Ireland accepted the GFA; in 2010 it accepted an invidious deal from the troika. Sovereignty over all our 32 counties was ceded in 1998; it looks as though sovereignty is now limited to using the law as an instrument to give American corporations like vulture funds free rein over us, including pursuing Irish people for a mortgage AFTER they have been evicted.

So let us cut to the chase. Brexit could yet be our salvation; for once, our Daddy is bigger than the Daddy of the loyalist vermin RUC men (yes, cops!) who attacked peaceful Catholic homes and pubs with submachine guns and bombs in the 1970's, in general being let off scotfree (pun intended) by such as “Judge Lord”Lowry. We should simply resolve to agree with the EC ruling, and develop native industry. We then can use the EU to create a United Ireland, continuing perhaps to a Gaelic confederation with Scotland, and a Celtic one with West wales which also voted remain.

As things stand, the existence of an Irish state adds nothing but disgrace to all Irish, and the creative class are particularly targeted. Yet our Daddy (the EU) is bigger than theirs (the detritus of corporate America). Expect nothing from these scum; survive, continue to create, and try and find a market. Work toward a new Ireland really in the EU, with the odious debt of 2010 being balanced against proper corporate taxation.

PS (Aibrean 2017) And our saviour is - Trump! By fixing corporation tax at 15% he will ensure google, Apple et al with their crappy tech will suddenly get a fit of patriotism, declare themselves as American, and our superior Irish tech will breathe again

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Another oustandingly successful event

Melanie with the Connolly Heron family

Mel and Frank Martin
Eamon, Mel, Malachy. Sean

First two speakers; Hassan and Dan
A full account will soon be posted

First, here's Gearoid on Saturday

Gearóid O' Colmáin, journalist

Poland suppressed insurgency in Russia. New version in U.S.— Poland as point of attack against Russia. Was Militarization of Poland and Ukraine as Polish-Lithuanian-Uktranian Commonwealth. Turkey- U.S. used against Russia, and U. S. in conflict with Turkey over Kurds. Balkans - former colony of Ottoman Empire. Turkey - a conduit for mass immigration to Europe.

When Libya was bombed into the stone age this lead to mass migration and from Turkey, migrants and refugees fled from areas at war— Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia, Pakistan, millions moving. Used as weapons to press EU to join US policy against Russia so U.S. doesn't suffer and US banks can profit. Turks gained consensus from EU - but there will be a major problem, huge % of migrants have false passports, because US spreads so much disinformation.  Only 20% of immigrants were Syrian, but US said Syrians could get in, so a lot of fake passports were made, printed in France, now there are a lot of fake Syrians. Will be thousands of fake passports.

Turkey openly supported Islamic State. Joe Biden admits this, and Trump said everybody knows Saudi banking terrorists. Turkey is a Terrorist State. NATO knew consequences of destabilization of Libya - Khadafy did deals for EU. He integrated sub-Saharan Africans into the LIbyan economy, they needed workers. Weapons of Mass Migration, Kerry Greenberg's phrase.

Pentagon's map for 21st century : will be 3 major global power— U.S., India, China. Need to use EU to get Russia out of the picture. Europe will go through decline, stagnation and violence. Ukrainian crisis could spread; we're in a period of low-intensity war.

There are over 56 examples since WWII using migrants as weapons,  e.g. Burundi since April 2015 for geopolitical reasons, caused massive refugee crisis, turned to soldiers and forced them to fight,  similar in Syria where men are blackmailed into fighting because.
example of man whose baby was kidnapped by the Free Syrian Army, the baby's head was cut off and the body thrown in front of the house. The man was warned that if he didn't join the army the same would happen to his whole family. US press calls these moderate rebels. Syrian government had to declare amnesty for people forced to fight.

Threat to Macedonia, borders were closed, fears of collapse because of refugees. US tried to take over. Labor laws abrogated, turns everybody into a refugee. e.g. Marseille. This is why no Labor Party exists in the U.S., because of mass immigration.  Bosses import new cheap labor whenever unions try to organize for worker's rights. Including the Irish. In the 90s organized labor was Black workers. They were supplanted by Mexican immigrants. Blacks couldn't compete. Migration is used by the  ruling elite.

Germany is having population replacement, the problem is migrants don't have skills the economy needs to grow, this is a form of sabotage against Germany. Hans Kuntz, director of the European Council on Foreign Relations. His book. on German Economic theory. Germany's market is China. Russians are constructing infrastructure. Europe is being used against Russia. But if Europe refuses to follow the US plan then it falls apart. Angela Merkel has no idea what she's doing.

Czech Republic is in negotiation with Syria. cooperation on anti-terrorism means cooperation with Russia. Rand Corporation studies about Czech Republic— they're worried.  The Czech's are not happy with NATO bombing Yugoslavia. See them (Czechs) as new members, unreliable. Brussels is talking to Russians, there is lost credibility as hegemon  of Europe.

Sean: What should Ireland do?

We have no leaders, we should be proud we aren't in NATO. We have no backbone, we should stand up, and we have an obsequious craven political ruling class.  We do a dance for the US president on St. Patrick's Day. Lack statesmen. e.g. water charges, obscenely corrupt. Michael Higgins  has not done much since he spoke out against the Iraq War. Oligarchs don't need a government, the power is taken over from politics. corporations and banks have supplanted democracy, government is on autopilot. Global institutions are not elected, not accountable to anyone, we live in think-tank-land. assault on values replaced by commodity fetishism.

Eamon: essentially Fianna Fail wants to have its cake and eat it, won't join coalition, rebuilding themselves, don't want to concede to Sinn Fein, non-establishment parties won a majority, a ragtag group. Sinn Fein won't be different. Republican Party is in bed with the government. Evangelical tea party style, imposing Tory agenda on a fragile post-crisis economy.

Gearoid: Khadafy admired Sinn Fein, they could've used the resources to at least speak in favor of peace in Libya. it was a terrible betrayal  of Khadaffy, the Irish Republicans who died in the Hunger Strike would've been ashamed. They have clout, everybody knows Gerry Adams, but most people see cynics.

Sean: in 24 hours before the troika "Ireland and Default" appeared in... Google search (1 million unique pages appeared within 24 hours).

Gearoid:  Engineered that German banks would look for money in Greece and Ireland. Ireland done more for EU than opp., we sold massive amounts of water rights to EU, look at Iceland. In France people love Irish salmon. Why don't we have a huge fishing industry?


 Sunday, 24 April
1916 anniversary

Cathal MacSwimey-Brugha read the 1916 Irish proclamation and talked about his grandfathers, Cathal Brugha and Terence Macswiney. Cathal Brugha read the proclamation in Irish at the first Dail sitting in 1919. Cathal described how his grandfathers and many of those executed following the 1916 Rising, such as Thomas Kent were poets and artists interested in social and cultural concerns. Kent was the Boston editor at a publishing house, who became aware of the British Empire's economic and linguistic dominance over the Irish, as well as their involvement with a triangle of corruption. Terence MacSwiney's character can be seen in the books on his shelves, including a book he authored, "Principles of Freedom," Longfellow's poems, and "Leabhar Chlainne Suibhne." In addition to using Irish people as canon fodder at a time when Ireland lost some 50% of its population from the 1800's to the 1900's, slave trading and opium deals weakened the British Empire's perceived moral authority. Terence MacSwiney battled for the soul of Ireland, asking guiding questions such as, "What would you do if you were free?" Terence battled for the soul of Ireland by attacking the British Empire's presumed moral authority and credibility, to show people had been unaware of immoral activities being carried out without the knowledge of most Irish or English people.

Dr. Malachy Ó Néill gave a presentation, "Recalling a Trio of O’Neills in 2016,"  that reviewed the lives of three O'Neills from different centuries: Earl of Tyrone Aodh Mór Ó Néill (1550-1616), Irish Harper Arthur O'Neill (1734-1816), and one of the "Children of the Rising,"  William O'Neill (1900-1916). Reviewing details from the lives of these three Irish men provides us with insights regarding the Irish culture 400 years ago, 200 years ago, and 100 years ago. A letter intercepted during the nine year war, dated 20 May 1555 shares insights about the linguistic struggle at that time to preserve the Irish language. Two centuries ago, Irish harper, Art O'Neill, blind since childhood, won prizes for his harp playing, trained James McDonnell to play the harp, and influenced harpists and harp music for generations. With a playful nod recognizing the significance of O'Neill contributions to Irish culture and history, Art O'Neill famously once commented, "it's no matter where an O'Neill sits, and let it be at what part of the table I am." A century ago, young William O'Neill was just sixteen years old when he was killed at Constitution Hill when he'd gone to look for his father, hearing he may have been injured there. William was one of 11 children, whose mother had died when he was just 13. He was buried with two of his siblings, though five of his siblings had already died at that time (some may have died very young or in childbirth). 

Éamonn Ó Cíardha presented thoughts about 1916 as ‘The Last Jacobite Rebellion.’ Many Irish were Jacobites, yet during the 1600's when there was a succession of King James, the Irish faced military loss, but kept their Catholic faith. The pope recognized the Catholic Stuart king as the King of Three Kingdoms, and Jacobitism was viewed by the Irish in the late 1600s as being a means by which Irish language, history, and culture could be promoted in ways that could restore Irish lands and Catholic heritage. There had been quite a bit of amnesia in Ireland about Irish history and Jacobitism, which has continued. By the mid 19th century, Jacobitism had been largely successfully removed from the Irish political and literary works. Jacobitism has crossed over to English literature, and now is enjoying some resurgence thanks to the revival of the Irish National Theater. Lyrics of the song, "Óró, sé do bheatha 'bhaile" were described, and the song sung.

Melanie O'Reilly talked about her experiences growing up in a family devoted to Irish culture and the arts, with an uncle who founded the Dublin Theater Academy, and a mother who was an actress with the Abbey, and who later worked as an RTE broadcaster in the 1960's. Melanie learned after her mother passed away that she had performed in a Lady Gregory piece in the Youth Theater, dressed wearing cultural revival hair and clothes. Cultural revival is important for feeling a sense of Irish culture; as Melanie's father once said, "You can only truly be welcoming to other people when you know who you are," emphasizing the importance of respecting one's own culture for the way it provides us with foundation and bearings. Melanie described how she became interested in jazz for its internationally recognized language, and how she lived and worked in Scotland for fifteen years, cowriting with a Scottish musician, and putting melody to Gaelic poems. Her music sold well following Riverdance, with strong album sales and many gigs. Without Melanie's knowledge or permission, her Irish record label took songs off her album and put them on musical compilation albums with some 250,000 illegal occurrences found in 1998 when an internet search was run. Melanie was one of many Irish artists whose music was stolen, with a change of just one letter sometimes made in song titles. Melanie came to the United States of America in 2003, and subsequently won legal action against those who had stolen her music.

Mary Steiner talked about the United Nations and Indigenous Peoples of Ireland, describing a right of language as a possible path to peace. Mary Steiner's Irish ancestry on her mother's side (McDonnell, Murphy, Fitzpatrick) helped inspire her interest in preservation of language as the bloodline to culture through songs and stories. Mary Steiner's shared the UN's "Universal Declaration of Human Rights," pointing out how this document is the most translated document in the world, translated into some 463 of the world's 6,000 or so current languages. The United Nations Association founded in 1943 is dedicated to preserve language, along with human rights. The 1916 Proclamation includes the right to keeping the Irish language--and there may be some advantage for the Irish people to investigate whether they can be defined as Indigenous, defined by territory (not sovereignty). There may be a strong case for this, as Seán Ó Nualláin pointed out that recently an Irish man with only Irish ancestral names was found to have 13% unique DNA strands. There is a European Court of Justice with a human rights convention that mirrors the UN declaration of Human Rights-- and if the Irish explain that keeping their language is a cultural right, there is a chance this approach could be successful--with the UN recognizing Ireland with Indigenous representation in addition to as a Nation State, with additional cultural heritage protections ensured as cultural rights.